Processing of HEAVY GOODS


Processing of heavy goods workpieces require special machinery, skills and space.

We have a number of boring machines and a boring/milling machine at our disposal for the processing of heavy goods workpieces.

In our processing centres we have state-of-the-art technology and can process drilling within precise tolerances. We take on series of all sizes.

Dimensions on boring machines:

  • Turning diameter max. 3,400 mm
  • Height max. 1,800 mm
  • Workpieces wight max. 20 tonnes


Dimensions on boring/milling machine:

  • Length max. 10,000 mm
  • Height max. 3,500 mm
  • Workpiece weight max. 50 tonnes

If the above has arisen your interest in: processing of heavy goods workpieces, or you have specific tasks, we are ready to help and guide you.