Prodans aim is to continuously calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with production to get a better understanding of which of our processes produce the largest CO2 footprint, with the aim of reducing it.

A large electricity consumption has a significant CO2 footprint, which is why we chose to invest in a 1186 kWp photovoltaic system on an area that amounts to 5,624 m2 of the production’s roof surface. At full production, the plant generates 800 kWh per hour or approx. 1,032,000 kWh annually, which corresponds to 60 percent of our annual consumption. The remaining part is purchased as green power. This way Prodan’s electricity consumption becomes CO2 neutral.

Every year, we prepare a climate report that gives us an overview that can help us improve and refine our environmental and climate strategies.

You can see our climate report here:

Climate Report, 2021

Climate Report, 2022

Climate Report, 2023 

If you are curious about our development in brief, you are welcome to download the minibrochure with the main results here: