The opportunity to take responsibility and develop his skills, sharpens head of department Bjørn Normann’s taste
for more.

Bjørn has been with Prodan since 2002 and comes from the transport industry. He was looking for new opportunities and ended up at Prodan, where he through experience and courses has qualified for the job as head of the laser cutting department. At the moment Bjørn is involved in an exiting LEAN-project, which gives him new opportunities.

The opportunity to develop

“My daily work is coordinating the tasks in the department, planning of production on the various machines and a little customer contact and receipt of orders. If you have the drive and the desire to make an effort, you are encouraged to take responsibility and you get the opportunities to develop. I started as an unskilled worker and am now responsible for a department. I like the versatility and the many different tasks during my day. I am never afraid to take on new challenges and learn something new.”

To achieve your goal

“A good day at work is, when I feel that I have accomplished something and achieved my goal. But it is also important to me that my employees achieve their goals. If they don’t, it might not be their fault alone, but could be caused by me through bad planning or lack or coordination. It is important that everybody feels listened to and feel that they contribute to the process – then we all achieve our goals.”