On the road

A day on the road with goods to be delivered and the ability to offer an extra service to customers, provides job content to driver Peter Madsen.

Peter has been working as driver at Prodan since 2007, where he after a period without a job, just had obtained license for large vehicles. Peter has previously worked on other factories and runs his own company. 

Fast, correct delivery to local customers.

”My daily tasks are to deliver goods to local customers. I pack the truck myself and plan my tour to the customers. I like visiting customers and deliver the goods with a smile. I enjoy my trip in the truck alone on the road, but I also like coming back in the warehouse having a chat with my colleagues. Even though we are two, who split the job, it isn’t a problem coordinating the tasks.
When I am not on the road I carry out stock keeping and stock tacking. I make sure that I finish everything, as you never know, when a customer needs a quick delivery and then I need to be ready to leave quickly.

Flexibility and customer contact mean a lot

”I appreciate being able to work 3 days a week and then take care of my own company the other days. This flexibility fits me and I take pride in finishing my tasks, before I leave, as I don’t come back the following day.”