Lot of things have changed since John was trained in 1993, but the desire to learn newthings still exist even though John has been working in this industry for many years. 

John was trained as machinist and has been working in the turning department at Prodan since 1991. John processes workpieces in various types of metal through turning.

Professional challenges and good colleagues

”My daily work tasks are processing of various workpieces in different types of metal through turning. We have many different machines, which all carry out different processes, but as the programming language is the same, it isn’t a problem operating the various machines. Many processes are quite different and have become more automated since I was trained, but the professional knowhow and experience is still valid. And if I am in doubt, my colleagues are always ready to help, just as I am ready to assist them, if they run a machine that they are not used to operate.”

An informal tone

”In the production area we have an informal tone and a good solidarity. Many social activities in our spare time contribute to this solidarity. A good day at work is when, I have produced the workpieces that was planned. And if my professional knowhow has been challenged as well, I leave with good feelings and let my colleague on the evening shift takes over. In stead of working different shifts, my colleague and I have decided to work either day or evening – that suits both best.”