A varied day at work, participation in planning of our work tasks and good colleagues, makes it fun to warehouse employee Henrik Hansen going into work.

Henrik has been with Prodan since 2006 and was participating in the start up of the new factory at Tåsingevej
Since he was 18, he has been working in the metal industry both as machinist, in the smiths department and the past several years in shipping and warehouse department.

Two days are never the same.

“My daily work consists of managing the warehouse, booking of external transport and coordinating the delivery of goods to our customers with our own trucks.. As we are an order producing factory with various types of customers, my days are never the same. At one time I book transport for a small bag with small items and next time I need to coordinate the transport of heavy goods items. In shipping we are the last step before the goods leave our premises and I like to check up on things to make sure that everything is ok before it leaves. This variety of tasks does that two days are never the same and I like this variety”

Social interaction matters

“I like my job because I have good colleagues and there is a good atmosphere among us. In my daily work I participate in the planning of my own work tasks. I am also chairman of the staff association and we plan funny, exiting events to our colleagues. At these events you have the possibility to meet colleagues from other departments and that provides a good solidarity”